This is an archive of ski days and trip reports since I made my first venture into the backcountry in Spring 2009 (a few months after getting on skis for the first time in my life). That winter Andrea decided to start spending a lot more time out west, and skiing has been a huge part of our lives since then. After this blog got rolling for the 2010-2011 season, our documentation (and photography skills) have gotten a lot better!

[This page is several years out of date. Eventually I'll catch back up!]

2011-2012 Season

April - Catherine's Pass
April - Upper LCC (Wolverine / Stupid Chute)

2010-2011 Season (* = favorite days)

July - Mt Baldy Main Chute*
July - Mammoth Mountain* (California)
July - Ellery Bowl, Tioga Pass* (Yosemite)
June - Alpine Meadows (Lake Tahoe)
June - Mt Tallac* (Lake Tahoe)
June - Alta
May - Elevator Shaft and Stupid Chute*
April - Solitude
April - Mt Superior*
April - Solitude
April - Meadow Chutes*
March - Pink Pine
March - Brighton and Solitude
March - Brighton
March - Days Fork
February - Beartrap Fork*
January - North side of LCC
January - Twin Lakes, Wolverine*
January - Meadow Chutes
January - Twin Lakes, Pink Pine
January - White Pine
December - Days Fork, Solitude
December - Meadow Chutes, Mt Raymond
December - Park City and White Pine
November - Grizzly Gulch, Silver Fork
October - Halloween at Alta
October - October skiing at Solitude

2009-2010 Season

Skiing Castle Peak - Trip Report from
Six Colorado14ers in 4 days - Trip Report from
Culebra Peak (Colorado) - Trip Report from
Mt Shavano (Colorado) - Trip Report from
March skiing in Colorado - Photo Gallery
February skiing in Colorado - Photo Gallery
February skiing in Colorado - Videos
January skiing in Colorado - Photo Gallery
December skiing in Colorado - Photo Gallery

Spring 2009

Castle and Conundrum (Colorado) - Trip Report from
Missouri Mountain (Colorado) - Trip Report from
Mt Massive via SW slopes - Trip Report from


  1. I happened upon this site after checking out stuff online from this last weekend at Alta ski resort. Sunday was a fantastic day of skiing for mid May! I love these trip reports about backcountry skiing! I also realized that you are the guy who had crushed the Layton Classic 5k races that I've been to. That's awesome! The running stuff is very pertinent as well. I'm glad to have stumbled upon this.

    1. Thanks Colby.

      I really need to update this skiing trip reports page!