August 16, 2017

Superior, Timp, and more (you guessed it!) Wildflowers!

Andrea scrambling on Superior's South Ridge

I've been posting pictures of wildflowers and mountains all summer and that isn't changing in this update. The flowers down by Timp were absolutely popping when we were down there over the past weekend (8/12). We also got in another south ridge climb recently - always fun to do a couple times a year.

The summer of exploding rainbow flowers rolls on...

Superior South Ridge

Mt Timpanogos Loop

The most crowded summit in the Wasatch!

July 30, 2017

Peak. Wasatch. Wildflowers. OMG.

Even if you HATE winter, you have to love the downstream effect of 600+ inches of snow this season - absurdly beautiful wildflowers going off for the entire month of July! And if you hate wildflowers as well, then there is no hope for you :-)

We spent the weekend doing what we do best this time of year, running and hiking in the Central Wasatch. Friday evening was a nice run on the Wasatch Crest trail before seeing the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley, and then we spent the rest of the weekend running and hiking in the Alta vicinity (spending the night at the Alta Lodge). There's no better place to be in the world right now - that's the story we are telling! We even saw 4 moose and a golden eagle. It didn't seem like the flowers could get any better than they were a week or two ago, but they somehow got more vibrant.

This is a gigantic wildflower photo dump... you have to take advantage while you can...