September 17, 2017

The Wedge / Good Water Rim Trail

Andrea running the Good Water Rim trail

I broke the blog (forgot to re-register the domain name) so in the meantime fell about a month behind on posting. There's a few things we need to go back in time and update - Andrea's Wind Rivers/Eclipse trip, and our Labor Day extended weekend with my parents to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley.

Two weeks ago it was blazing hot in southern Utah. Now its nice and pleasant. When we saw forecasted high temperatures of 70-75 degrees for the San Rafael Swell region (and in reality it never got above ~65 degrees where we were camping) we decided to head down that way over the weekend and camp/run in our of our favorite places: The Wedge / Little Grand Canyon. We headed down after work and setup camp just after a rain storm blew through the area.

The main objective was to run the Good Water Rim trail on Saturday morning, which is 16+ miles (one way) of twisty singletrack along the canyon rim. You can run many distance variations, but the most important thing is to just do it at some points because its such a cool run!

The weather was ideal and the running was great. Andrea did her longest run in about 5 years, and I did my longest run ever (I think). We ran some parts over again on Sunday morning because its that much fun. We had a perfect campsite on the Little Grand Canyon rim, ate burritos for every meal, read books, watched the sun rise and set, and even relaxed a little bit!

Looking forward to more desert trips this fall...