May 12, 2019

Spring Slush --> Winter Powder --> Spring Corn

This is the essence of spring skiing :-)

When I last posted we were wrapping up another huge stretch of powder days. Then the Wasatch went through its awkward transition / consolidation phase, and the skiing was just "ok" for a week or two. I know, tough life. We've been so spoiled this year.

And now we are in a super-spoiled stretch of amazing spring corn skiing (not always a guarantee in the Wasatch). We started off May with a legitimate good spring powder day, and since then we've had cold nights and excellent corn skiing.

Since the last post...

Saturday April 20

All I remember from this day is that the snow was mashed potatoes. The Wasatch was in its transition phase.

Saturday April 27

All the snow was bulletproof and I could only ski early in the morning... so we did Brighton laps. Needless to say, no photos needed. 

Sunday April 28

The snow was getting more supportable and we found some good skiing off the north side of Mt Superior and LSB. At this point I was starting to think our luck had run out for consistently great skiing... but the weather gods would soon be kind to us once again...

Wednesday May 1

May Powder Day! 8" overnight. We met Matt and Ryan early so we could get up to Mt Baldy (Alta closed for the season) and get first tracks down Main Chute, which we did (and then a few more laps from the top of Collins). The stoke-meter got cranked back up to 150% during and after this one.

Saturday May 4

One of the great spring days I can remember. Went up to the Pfeifferhorn and skied off the summit on the SW face, which leads into these long and beautiful runs down Dry Creek which go on forever. We were treated to some perfect corn runs back there. The best birthday present I could ask for.

Sunday May 5

Skied around Albion Basin as the sun softened up the different aspects. Now it was really starting to feel like we were on a roll again!

Wednesday May 8

Stormy week and we got a few more inches of cold dry snow. Did a couple laps off Collins after work. This was Day #100 of the season for me, #80 for Andrea.

Friday May 10

Solo after work. Skied Main Chute, Little Chute, and then a wonderful west facing corn run off the High T.

Saturday May 11

Two years ago I went out to Deseret Peak by myself and since then I've been wanting to take Andrea out there. The weather looked perfect and even though the road was closed a couple miles from the snowline, it was time to get out there.

Deseret Peak is home to some of the finest corn skiing in Utah. The couloirs are aesthetic, the setting feels remote, and there are options to ski on every aspect. I absolutely love it.

After walking up the road and transitioning to skins, we got to work. Climbed and skied the East Couloir first (a beauty!), then climbed back up and made our way to the summit. From there we skied 3 corn runs off the South side, then the West Twin Couloir, and climbed back up that one and finished by skiing the East Twin Couloir.

Sunday May 12

Chased corn around Catherine's Pass and Alta. Started with a couple laps in Wolverine Bowl and then off the south side of Mt Wolverine (best run of the day). Then made our way up to the Supreme area and did a few laps there, and then skied East Castle, and then one more bonus lap up Collins (I can't get enough of the west facing runs off the High-T in the afternoon).

Like every month for the past 6 months... May is off to quite a start!