June 26, 2018

Running Season

I cleaned and stored all the ski gear a few weeks ago. For the past three weekends we've done nothing but trail running, and as always - I think I'm going to be sad that skiing is over but then I realize I really like running a lot for half of the year too! What a problem to have :-)

We've been mainly sticking to some of our favorite trails in Park City, plus the Jeremy Ranch dirt road, trying to build some running fitness for upcoming vacations. A trip to the Colorado rockies is on tap for the July 4th (long, when it falls on a Wednesday) weekend and our journey to the Dolomites is fast approaching!

Flying Dog

South of Big Mountain Pass

North of Big Mountain Pass


Park City, Old Ranch

June 4, 2018

Last Call for Wasatch Skiing and another Alta Wedding

Ski season in the Wasatch is just about over. I skied Main Chute at Alta on Saturday (smooth moguls) and surprisingly you could make it almost all the way to the main parking lot (with a short portage by the Collins angle station). That might be the last day of the season which is OK by me at this point. Heading north to Wyoming would present some opportunities to extend things for a few more weeks, but with a lot of travel slated for July, I'm not sure we'll be able to swing it.

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed back east to visit my family.

Kayaking the South Branch of the Potomac River...

Hiking on the AT...

A couple runs on the C&O Canal...

June 2 - Amiee/Fritz Wedding day hike to Hidden Peak (I was the only one smart enough to bring skis)...

Summer is here, gotta stay cool...