June 25, 2017

It is now officially Summer (Skiing on the Solstice)

Andrea taking advantage of every last ribbon

Probably the last weekly ski update for a while. I think we decided to call it good after a couple more days skiing Main Chute at Alta (still great, by the way!). I know I should do a recap of the season, and will if I can find the time/motivation. Needless to say, this was our BEST SEASON EVER!!!

A couple thoughts from Instagram: Andrea - Jake

Tuesday June 20

Main Chute on the Summer Solstice. Got chased off the summit of Baldy by a thunderstorm!

Saturday June 25

Solo Main Chute after Andrea went to China...

Running is about to take over... some shots from places we ran this week:

June 18, 2017

Not Over It

More trail running than ski days this week but snce conditions are still pretty darn good, we skied a couple of our favorites on Thursday and Saturday. After work on Thursday we did a Main Chute (smooth snow) and then on Saturday were surprised by cloudy and almost COLD weather in the morning, but still managed to grab a little forbidden fruit before it all melts off and did our annual "Snowbird is closed so go climb and ski the Pipeline."

Thursday June 15

Main Chute at Alta...

Saturday June 17

Pipeline Couloir at Snowbird...

Better pictures of Pipeline: 2015 - 2016

June 11, 2017

More Summer Skiing

Andrea heading towards Reids Peak in the Uinta Mountains

An exceptional mid-June week. Despite its above-average size (as of a few weeks ago), our snowpack is dwindling quickly due to above average temperatures. Summer comes at us quicker and hotter these days! We skied Suicide Chute on Wednesday and Friday mornings before work, then went back up the Mirror Lake Highway on Saturday and skied in the Bald Mountain / Reids Peak area. Andrea was content with a three day ski week, but I wasn't (shocking!), so on Sunday I went up to Alta for a Main Chute lap.

Wednesday June 7 and Friday June 9

Suicide Chute both mornings...

Saturday June 10

Back up to the Uintas and Mirror Lake Highway. Started with a couple laps off the east face of Bald Mountain, then one in the Bald/Reids amphitheatre, then finished it off with a glorious run down the north couloir on Reids Peak...

Sunday June 11

Solo Main Chute at Alta - still in great conditions...

Non-Skiing transition to summer - running up Grandeur Peak and post-run thirstiness...