April 19, 2019

Winter's Last Stand

A cold mid-April storm system that dropped 5.5 feet of new snow over a week, just when you think this season couldn't get any better.

Opensnow did a great recap of the season and how it compared to other years. Upper LCC is sitting at 600-650" of total snowfall and base depths of 175".  The epic 2010-2011 season was snowier, but my life wasn't setup to fully take advantage at that point (weekend warrior). Two years ago ('16-17) was a really good season. But this year was easily my best of all time. The snow never really stopped from mid-December to mid-April. We have skied SO MUCH POWDER this year. I've already surpassed my record for most vertical climbed in a year, and I'm sure I'll easily surpass my record for total # of days skiing by the time it all turns to dirt in July. What has been great about this season is a good lower to middle elevation snowpack which allowed easy access to a lot of fun skiing zones.

Recap of April 1st to date. My sense is that we have now officially moved on to Spring... but you never know if we get hit with another storm or two.

Wednesday April 3

Dusk patrol in fresh but mushy snow.

Friday April 5 and Sunday April 7

Fun afternoon of groomer skiing at Deer Valley on Friday, and then a bail in Red Pine on Sunday (went too early for the snow to be soften up). I didn;t take any photos on either day, but we did end up playing basketball a lot that weekend to pass the time.

Wednesday April 10

WINTER IS BACK. Starting with the evening prior, upper LCC saw 66" over over the next 7 days. Winter's last stand was underway. We started in Mill D...

Thursday April 11

More LCC road closures, so back to Mill D...

Friday April 12

Emma laps in A LOT of snow!!!

Saturday April 13

One of the great April powder days of all time. Every aspect skied great, and it stayed cloudy enough to keep the snow amazing all day (we finished by skiing Two Trees at 3:15pm in dry powder). At over 11K of climbing, it was Andrea's second biggest day ever.

Sunday April 14

Leftovers in and around Scottie's Bowl to cap off 5 straight days of incredible skiing.

Tuesday April 16

ANOTHER storm system came through. It was moist snow but skied fast and smooth. Possibly the final Emma powder laps of the season.