April 30, 2011

5K and a Powder Day

Never ending winter!

This morning we ran a 5K race hosted by the Salt Lake Running Company. We've had this on our calendar for about a month, and planned to use it as a "sharpening" effort before the Provo City Half Marathon next weekend. Our training has been largely geared towards much longer races, but its always good to bust a 5K and see where you're at.

Andrea was absolutely the star of the day. Here's her recap...
Coming into this race, I hadn't run a 5K since high school, and my best times from those days were in the 19-20 minute range. This morning I ran 17:52, which I am very happy about! I'm not quite used to running that kind of pace at altitude, but clearly the increased mileage and recent addition of some track workouts and tempo runs have paid big dividends.
Her run was really impressive in my book. I can't wait to see what she does in the half-marathon, and eventually the marathon! :-)

Things went pretty well for me today as well. I took the lead after a 1/2 mile and didn't really have any competition... came through 2 miles in 9:57 and then just cruised to the finish in 15:45. I'm happy with that, considering I'm much more focused on the marathon right now. Overall, a successful morning... we both ran good times for racing at altitude, and it shows our training continues to be on the right track.

Here's a little video footage from the race:

After the race, we headed up to Solitude, because its STILL SNOWING NONSTOP! We had ANOTHER April powder day! Right now Alta and Snowbird have both surpassed 700 inches of snow for the winter (Alta currently sitting at 724") which is pretty much a record year. The skiing is great right now and will continue to be for the next 2 months. Unfortunately that also means the SLC valley is probably going to massively flood once it starts to get warm outside.

Here's some shots from the post-5K powder day. We skied several laps on the front side of Solitude, along with another dozen or so skiers... lots of fun!

Skinning up

A little relaxation time

Tomorrow is MAY? Feels more like January!

Andrea ripping

Andrea heading up for another lap

Shredding some powder... but wait for it...

Crash sequence! She tried to kill me! :-) Luckily we both came out of this unscathed!

More turns on perfect snow

Laying some tracks

Andrea and some of our work behind her. Our tracks are the ones down the center... not that mess off to the left! Who knows what those guys were doing. Probably snowboarders ruining the snow, as usual.

Clicking in for one more lap up. We skied a little over 4000 feet. A nice afternoon in the mountains.

And at the end of the afternoon, the snow started back up. Tomorrow will likely be another powder day. Kicking off the month of May the right way!

Some more pictures here.

April 25, 2011

Easter Solitude

After our Superior Adventure on Friday, the weather changed back to cloudy and unsettled (the norm for the past 6-7 weeks), so we opted for some easier skinning and skiing at Solitude over the weekend. Solitude is now closed for the season, which is great, because closed-down ski areas are always fun to play around in. Last spring, my best days of skiing at Beaver Creek came almost a month after the lifts shut down for the season.

Luckily the sun came out for a while on Sunday (and it got downright HOT outside). Despite the warm temps, the consolidated snow was still very fun to ski, especially on shady slopes that were facing due north.

Spring skinning

Some wet snow activity. Probably happened when the rocks heated up on Friday.

Nice to have this place all to ourselves

And the skiing was good, too!

Fantasy Ridge

We have races the next 2 weekends (5K on Apr 30, Half Marathon on May 7), but will definitely be playing in the mountains as the sun is forecasted to finally emerge, and the snowpack should be stabilizing nicely.

April 23, 2011

A Superior Day

Mt Superior's south face. This photograph (which I took on Christmas Day) is framed and on our living room wall.

I've been wanting to ski Mt Superior's south face all season. It is, perhaps, the classic ski line in the Wasatch mountains. Head up Little Cottonwood Canyon, and you can't help just stare up at it. Its an absolutely beautiful mountain, but also a major avalanche path that can easily cover the LCC road a few times a year. From below, and from pictures, it almost looks too steep to ski.

Andrea and I both had Friday off from work. On Wednesday, she told me that she was ready to ski Superior. I was excited to hear that, and it was game on. Some new snow (but not too much) fell on Thursday, and the skies parted and the sun came out on Friday morning. Perfection.

We started from the Our Lady of the Snows chapel at 8am...

Andrea skinning towards Cardiff Peak. We gained the ridge just east of there (Cardiff Pass)

Skinning up to Cardiff Peak

From Cardiff Peak, the rest of the route to Superior (the high point) simply follows the ridge

There are a few sketchy downhills on the ridge

Pointing towards the goal

We kept the skins on until we passed the black knob (aka Little Superior), then threw the skis on our backpacks and booted the rest of the ridge

Andrea on the summit

While we were working the ridge, we saw a handful of skiers drop off the north side of the mountain, into what looked like classic light blower Utah powder. While our primary objective was the south face, the north side almost seemed too good to pass up. Luckily, some light clouds were rolling in, sheltering the south face from the direct sun rays (this time of year, your biggest concern is solar aspects heating up too quickly and increasing the wet avalanche danger, particularly on steep slopes). Since we didn't want to ski the south face in less than ideal visibility, and it was only 10am, we decided a lap off the north face would be a good warmup...

Andrea ready to drop into one of the north face chutes

Dropping the chute

Cardiac Ridge provided an amazing backdrop

Onto the apron, where we farmed PERFECT powder turns

Looking back up the north face, with our tracks down the middle (the 2 sets closest together)

The skiing on the north side was superb. Several inches of super-light powder on top of a non-breakable, but not icy, base. Andrea called it "one of the best runs I've ever done." And this was only the warmup!

We climbed back up

Andrea booting back up the east ridge to the summit

The views weren't too bad

Andrea with the Monte Cristo headwall behind her. That line is on the list for next time.

On Superior, with 3000 feet of steep skiing below me. I've been waiting for this all winter.

Here's what it looks like after the first few turns

Off the top!

The first half of the line was powder. Andrea skied it like a pro!

Andrea skiing. This gives you a good feel for the scale.

My turn

Me again. Look at that gigantic cornice hanging up above to the left!

Andrea making it look easy

Looking back up from about 2/3 of the way down

The skiing was incredible. Top half was powder. It got heavier as we got lower, and the bottom third of the line (the apron) was like skiing through cream cheese. Fast and fun! We couldn't believe we hit it in such great conditions. Perfect timing, too. Any later in the day, and it might have been too late. We triggered a handful of small loose snow and soft slab avalanches. All were easily manageable by traversing out of the way of the moving snow. But terrain management was key, and I wouldn't want to be on that slope if anything bigger was coming down.

At the road, feeling happy to have finally done this!

She was happy too!

We walked about a mile back to our car, along the road

This is a picture of what we skied, taken from the other side of the canyon. Start at the pointy tip at the top, ski to the road. Its looks intimidating and dangerous, but it was actually very straightforward and SUPER FUN!

Back at the car before noon, we took a little lunch break, and then decided that it was too beautiful outside to stop skiing...

So we skinned up to Twin Lakes Pass

And then debated climbing Wolverine (left) and skiing Stupid Chute (Andrea's idea!), but settled on Patsy Marley peak (right).

The snow off Patsy's north face was surprisingly still dry powder

Its almost May? :-)

Andrea through the trees

We skied out Grizzly Gulch, and decided that it was time to call it a day. Definitely a superior day...

...although as you'd expect, running and skiing wasn't enough, so we took our new bikes our for a spin once we got back down to the valley...

Andrea enjoying a leisurely cruise on the new mountain bikes

Playing around on some trails near home

Final thoughts on our Mt Superior debut? Honestly, its one of those things that seems intimidating when you look at it, but if you're a good skier, can assess conditions, and make good choices when it comes to terrain management, its really not that hard. Andrea and I both feel like its a really fun face to ski, and one that we're sure to repeat. Its a classic.

Lots more pictures (about 100) on my picasa site: A Superior Weekend