April 8, 2011

Jenna visits Utah - Part One

Jenna in some deep powder at Solitude

My sister Jenna has been in town for less than 48 hours, and we're already measuring the snow totals in FEET since she's arrived (and there are no signs of this storm slowing down). Today we woke up to 14" of fresh powder and headed up to Solitude. No one was there, the snow was blower powder, and we had quite a day shredding it. Andrea joined us for the afternoon shift, and once we found a sweet kicker jump in the trees, we spent a lot of time in the afternoon hitting some jumps.

Jenna's first Utah powder day

Untracked snow at Solitude

Jenna in the deep stuff! Not bad for April!

Andrea arrived, and we started jumping!

My turn... I don't do jumps very often anymore, but I do get excited about getting some airtime

Jenna needs some work on her landings! :-)


On Thursday, Jenna and I skied at Snowbasin, up near Ogden. I had never been there before, and from what I could see, it seems like a cool mountain. Unfortunately, we couldn't see much because it was snowing so hard all day. Here's some pics from Snowbasin...

Jenna and the golden moose

The lodges at Snowbasin put Beaver Creek to shame!

I had heard rumors that the Snowbasin bathrooms were unreal, and those rumors turned out to be true. I've never been in such fancy bathrooms before!

Its been a pretty good visit from Jenna so far, and we're not even at the halfway point yet! Tomorrow we're headed to the Park City side of things, then to the Alta zone on Sunday.

I also got hit by a car yesterday while running (Long story short: I got in an argument with a crazy driver, and he ended up hitting me on purpose, then got out of his car and tried to fight me, at which point I got scared and ran away. I wasn't hurt, just shaken up.)... but the snow is soooooo good right now that I'm not even letting the fact that some idiot attempted to seriously injure me get me down! But c'mon, who purposely hits someone with their car??? I should be nervous about this, right? Some psycho really has it out for me.

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