February 27, 2011

Beartrap Fork Powder Day

Andrea enjoying some powder turns in Beartrap Fork

After yesterday's 15K race (where Andrea took home $100 for another first-place finish and we both ran PRs), today was all about skiing! Between Thursday and Saturday we got another 3 feet of snow, so ski conditions were outstanding, and to make things even better, the skies cleared and we had a perfect blue sky day.

We spent the day skiing in Beartrap Fork... our first time exploring this area. Lots of great safer terrain for skiing when the avalanche danger is somewhat elevated. I'm just going to let the photos do the talking... its obvious that we had a really, really awesome day!

Skintrack stoke

A little scramble up to the first highpoint of the day

Mt Raymond (left) and Gobbler's Knob (right) looking nice

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Pro photo-man Alecs Barton took this shot of me skiing above the clouds on our first run

And here we go... Andrea ripping it...

...skiing under a very bright sun

Farming some turns

I like it when the snow is nice and light

Honeycomb Canyon backdrop

Andrea skinning up for another lap

I'm following behind

Andrea leaving a trail of cold smoke

My turn

Another scenic

Andrea and I before our last lap

And she brings it home against a picture-perfect blue sky...

...One more for the road... doesn't get much better than this!

More pictures on my picasa site

GPS track - 5 laps, 5560 feet climbed


  1. I am very jealous! Enjoy seeing all your adventures. Boyd

  2. Hi Andrea & Alec, it was nice to have said hello to the two of you on the peak in Beartrap on Sunday. I am glad the photo came out so well of you both. Great smiles! I actually had read your blog earlier in the week while "googling" for some ideas on tours and read on your day on Pink Pine Ridge. After having met you on the ridge I had the uncanny feeling I had read your blog a few days before... re read your blog and it looked real familiar!small world.
    Since your photography is so outstanding, I will invite you to look at my website if you have a chance, it is
    I think you will enjoy it. I have not yet posted my pictures from Beartrap yet, but I had some keepers as well.( I had another camera under my jacket):) I will shoot ya a few if I've a few minutes, ( you took the camera phone shot of me).
    I have been living in the Wasatch for 30 years, but only took to the backcountry this year. Only place I havn't had 8 season passes to.
    You have a great blog. How do you get the GPS route so accurate? I need to find out more how you create this great site! Nice to have met you both. Man are you two in shape!
    See you again.

  3. Bear Trap Fork is one of my favorite spots… and seems is often overlooked by fellow powder seekers. The easy access from Canyons Resort makes it a no-brainer for an afternoon tour. See my recent backcountry ski brief from Bear Trap – http://alexdeckard.com/skiing-bear-trap-fork-big-cottonwood-canyon/