February 12, 2012

"Winter" in Sedona

Sedona, AZ
We've spent the past couple days in Sedona, Arizona with my parents... a little winter getaway. Running, hiking, biking, etc. Lots of fun! Rather than bore you with text, here's a bunch of pictures...

Walking to the trailhead from our place in West Sedona

Red Rock Country

The high desert in the winter... can't beat it!
This is apparently how they build cairns here - with chicken wire! I've never seen that before.

This place is a runner's dream world
Andrea lounging

Bike cruising

I took advantage of the weather and hit the brand new Sedona HS track for some intervals. Andrea shot some photos...

Quite a backdrop!

My parents and Jesse James came over to watch - just like the old high school days

HEAVEN in a box!!!
Slide Rock Park
Andrea and Jesse James sleeping on the way to Phoenix


  1. I am not jealous...nope not at all. Running in slush and getting splashed by diesels is fun. :-)

  2. Slide Rock is fun. I slid down that in like 30 degree water once. Fun!