October 19, 2013

SoJo 5K

Andrea approaching the end of the SoJo 5K

Its been a long time since Andrea and I lined up on the starting line for the same race. Today we both ran the South Jordan 5K, and hopefully this is a new beginning and we'll be on similar race schedules again going forward. I'm really impressed by Andrea's run this morning - 4 months ago, she could barely run 3 consuecutvie miles (at a slow pace) without stopping as she was recovering from her injury and surgery. Today she ran under 6:00 pace for 5K! She'll be running in the 17s (and probably 16s) again before you know it... but this was an excellent step forward. For me, it was a nice tuneup effort and part of one of my last bigger workouts before the Monumental Half Marathon in two weeks.

Our race recaps from Fast Running Blog (click to read):  

The "official" results were a little off :-)  ....

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