January 5, 2014

New Years Week Skiing

Andrea skiing Grizzly Gulch on New Years Day, above the valley smog
We kicked off 2014 by getting out for some short ski tours this week. It felt great to be out on the skis!

Some photos...

Emma Ridge, New Years Day, T-Shirt weather?!?

Relaxing back at the jeep after skiing
A few days later, the smog/haze/inversion was gone...

Andrea on the Emma Ridge
Snowpack is thin, but this is better than nothing!


  1. Jake - with your running speed, you should check out the rapidly growing ski mountaineering racing scene in the Wasatch. We have over 15 formal and informal races this season. Check it out at www.utahskimo.org.

  2. The idea of potentially getting into SkiMo racing is actually sort of what got me back into competitive running in the winter of 2010-2011. I started running more with the intentions of eventually doing some SkiMo racing, and then one thing led to another... I'm at a great place in regards to running at the moment. The idea of eventually racing on skis does intrigue me, though. I love what you guys have done to grow the sport in the past couple years... I follow your local series and the sport closely. I'm very committed to making a run at qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon, but once I hit that time, I will definitely give SkiMo a shot. I'll have to make an effort to come to one of the races and just do it as a workout to get a feel for it. Maybe do the Rec divison of Powderkeg this year.

    Thanks for reaching out!