December 6, 2015

Alpe de Vert

The uphill train at Sundance on Saturday morning

There isn't much snow yet but we're taking advantage of what is out there. For the second year in a row Sundance Resort and Surface Skis teamed up to host "Alpe de Vert" - a non-competitive celebration of uphill skiing. Everyone meets up (way too early) in the morning at Sundance's base area and the loose objective is to log 10,000 feet of climbing before heading to the Owl Bar. It's a really fun way to spend a Saturday morning and get in a solid early-season ski workout. Hopefully more of these types of events catch on as the amount of people wanting to ski uphill is exploding and until El Nino makes its presence felt, we're all stuck on the piste!

Observation: Spandex and skinny SkiMo race skis are totally the norm these days.

Early light on Timp

Andrea near the top of Arrowhead

Off the top on lap #8

All smiles w/ Andrea and Amiee

Timp again - a stunning peak with snow

The aftermath

Morning work

A couple other shots from the week...

Late in the day on Wednesday Dec 2nd, in the midst of a pair of Great Western laps

Back to Brighton on Sunday Dec 6th for a couple more laps

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