March 20, 2016

Classic Spring Skiing in LCC

Andrea at the top of Little Pine Chute on the first day of spring

We experienced every aspect of spring skiing in the Wasatch over the past 5 days, skiing everything from cold dry snow to rollerball slush... lapping ridge lines to booting up steep couloirs... all while having lots of fun and soaking up plenty of Vitamin D.

Wednesday March 16th

The mountains got 20-30" over the course of a Mon/Tues storm. We got out for a few hours after work and skied fantastic powder in Grizzly Gulch. The extra long daylight hours definitely make post-work ski touring a lot more possible...

Friday March 18th

Another post-work afternoon ski tour. We skied laps in the shade off Twin Lakes Pass, the snow was still dry and soft.

Saturday March 19th

By the weekend the sun was getting strong and the air was getting warm/HOT. We figured there was still some dry snow out there and found in on the East facing, wind sheltered areas off the top of the Pink Pine ridgeline. The turns off the top were deep and soft, and as you got lower it got creamier and creamier...

Sunday March 20th

While skiing Pink Pine on Saturday, we kept looking over at Tanners Gulch and Little Pine Chute. Both looked great and we knew we wanted to ski one of the big lines on that side of the road on Sunday.

We decided to take a crack at Little Pine Chute, it is a beauty...

Notes from The Chuting Gallery:

After booting up the chute, we hung out at the top for nearly an hour while waiting for the sun to warm up the snow. The ski down had a little bit of everything. Our turns certainly didn't earn us many style points at times, but we racked up A LOT of adventure points!

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