April 3, 2016

Superior Saturday

Andrea looking down on Little Cottonwood Canyon from Mt Superior - April 2, 2016

I've pretty much all but forgotten about the dry spell from early February to mid March. The last couple weeks have been absolutely fantastic. I didn't think this week could top our Teton experience last weekend, but it just might have!

Another early week storm dropped ~20" of snow in the Cottonwoods. We were able to get out after work and ski powder on Wednesday and Thursday (thank you, Daylight Savings Time!).

We wanted to do something extra fun on Saturday, so we decided to climb and ski Mt Superior for the first time in years. Due to how warm (hot!) it was, the SE face wasn't even an option. I figured the skiing off the North side would be way more fun anyways, and that assumption proved to be correct, as you can tell by looking at the photos below.

On Sunday we did a shorter tour in Days Fork, trying to find whatever good snow was left (and we actually were pleasantly surprised there were so many good turns to be had).

Now we wait for another storm and hope it doesn't get too hot, too quick.

Recap of the week - the best photos starting on April 2nd...

Wednesday March 30

Quick tour after work - another midweek powder day. We skied two laps on Short Swing in Big Cottonwood Canyon and didn't really pause to take any pictures, except for this one...

Thursday March 31

Finished off the month in style. Headed up LCC after work and toured around Patsy Marley and Twin Lakes Pass. Got in 3 laps of nice, light, cold powder skiing. As good as it gets for this late in the year!

Saturday April 2

Back to Mt Superior on skis for the first time since 2011. We ascended via the standard route (East ridge) and then skied 3 laps through the Cardiac Chutes and into Cardiac Bowl on hero snow. It was so much fun. We did another quick north-facing lap into Cardiff Fork on the way back to the pass before skiing to Alta on south-facing summer slush. What a great day!!!

I'm pointing to the spot were we are getting married this summer. Maybe we should have everyone watch from down there via binoculars and we'll get married on top of Mt Superior instead :-)

Andrea is down there farming turns if you look close (on the left)

Andrea punching a line between lines in Cardiac Bowl

Back up for another

Sunday April 3

Spring turned to summer over the course of 24 hours, or so it seemed. We knew it would be hard to find any dry snow, but we did ski several fun north facing laps into upper Days Fork, and then finished with the S facing slushy run back to Alta.

Yesterday's playground

Plenty of good turns and open terrain in Days Fork

Our morning's work

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