August 16, 2016

What could go Krong in Europe?

I'm really bad at blogging in two scenarios:

1. Summer
2. Big events / trips

Its easy to sit down and knock out a post after skiing every weekend during the winter and spring. But during the summer the thought of spending 15 minutes on the computer during the evening just never seems reasonable. Outside > Inside. And when I'm inside, I typically just want to go to bed!

And the big events with lots of photos are simply hard to get started on. Luckily we haven't seen any of our wedding photos yet, so technically I'm not behind on posting those. We did, however, get back last week from a sensational 17 day Alps/Dolomites vacation... and we have hundreds of great photos to share and stories to tell. 

I think that within a week or so we'll start posting our honeymoon recaps. We are almost done sorting through our photos.

In the meantime, here's the pictures we were posting on Instagram during the trip...

You can view this gallery on a computer even if you aren't an Instagram user.

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