May 7, 2017

The Switch Flips

Man, last week was amazing. We still can't get over it.

Then the switch flipped, and I think its a one-way bullet train towards summer now. The 160" snow depth at Alta-Collins is already down to 125" as of this afternoon. Probably time to put away the powder skis until Thanksgiving. Tis the season for 82s!

We didn't get any good overnight freezes this week, so all the new snow sort of just turned to mush. Ski conditions weren't that great, but being up in the mountains on skis is always great... so we got out a couple days. After work on Thursday for my birthday (somewhat of a tradition) and then again on Saturday morning.

I think we still (easily) have a good month left, especially if the nights start getting a little colder. We're brainstorming summer ideas, but I'm skiing until its dirt!

I'm going to try and write up my 2011 vs 2017 comparison this week. Regardless of what happens over the next 4-6 weeks, I've already made up my mind on the winner.

Thursday May 4

Birthday ski at Alta - two laps from the top of Collins. Slush mess!

Saturday May 6

Main Chute was good, everything else was VERY slushy. Snowpack needs some time to condense, and hopefully we can get some overnight re-freezes.

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