July 28, 2010

JMT Day 2

Thousand Island Lake and Banner Peak

Thursday, July 15
Miles: ~20
Cumulative Miles: 44
Camp: 1000 Island Lake

Our second day on the trail started off easy, with miles of relatively flat (actually gradually uphill, but after a 6000 foot day, it felt flat) walking through Lyell Canyon. We stopped a few times to take our shoes off and soak our feet in the cold, crystal clear water (a ritual which would end up being incredibly crucial in keeping Andrea's feet / shins in good condition).

We ate lunch just North of Donahue Pass, then began our hike up the first 11,000 foot pass of the trek. Snow proved to not be much of a difficulty; just patches in a few areas. The scenery as we moved closer to the top of the pass just got better and better, and after cresting the top, we left Yosemite and entered the Ansel Adams Wilderness. The views for the rest of the day continued to amaze us! We descended the south side of the pass, then hiked towards and over Island Pass (which was more of a gentle, rolling pass, much like Cathedral Pass, and didn't seem like much of a climb). We took a good long break at some of the small lakes on top of Island Pass, then headed down to Thousand Island Lake and setup camp just past the lake. The last 10 miles of the day were hands-down the best we had experienced so far in terms of mountains, lakes, and overall beauty. We fell asleep feeling good physically and excited about the next day.

The trail winds into Lyell Canyon

The water everywhere in the Sierra is crystal clear

Looking up towards Donahue Pass

Andrea and I enjoying the perfect weather

Closer to the pass

Towards the start of the climb

Gorgeous landscape

Looking North from partway up the pass

Day 2 marked the beginning of the stream crossings

Andrea hiking


Near the top with Lyell Canyon behind

The snow wasn't too bad

Top of the pass

Panoramic from Donahue Pass

Entering the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Andrea and I on top of the first "real" pass of the trip

Looking into the basin to the south, the direction we were heading next

A few hours later we stood on top of Island Pass

A nice place to soak the legs

This section of the trail really blew us away

The Sierra are an incredible range

Rugged mountain peaks

Banner Peak in the distance

Island Pass

Thousand Island Lake

Ready to call it a day

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  1. that clear water is INCREDIBLE! I'll just go hike to that point and back.