October 30, 2010

First turns of the season

Andrea skinning up the slopes at Solitude

Earlier this week, the Wasatch (and a lot of other places in the mountain states) got bombed by a huge early season snowstorm. Four feet was reported in upper reaches of our mountains. The conditions, for early-season, were truly epic. Unfortunately, due to having real jobs and a puppy to take care of, Andrea and I weren't able to take part in the midweek powder frenzy. Today, though, we got out for a quick skin up at Solitude and made our first turns of the season. The warmer weather of the past 2 days consolidated (and even melted a lot of) the snow, but it was still great to be out on skis. And hey, its October... its just great to be skiing this time of year.

Some pics from today. The light was flat, so it was a good day to snap some pics in black & white...

Skinning up

The north side of BCC

Diet Dew and Dynafits

Andrea enjoying the creamy recycled powder

Jake skiing down

Andrea leading the way

Mt Raymond & Gobbler's Knob. Can't wait until we have enough snow to head up that way!

I guess we could put one color photo in here! :-) Here's a toast to a great season of skiing and doing the dew!!!

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