October 11, 2010

A quick jaunt up Flagstaff Mountain

Fall colors in the Wasatch

October 10, 2010
Distance: ~3.5 miles
Vertical: ~2400 feet
Peaks: Flagstaff Mountain (10,530 ft), Reed & Benson Benchmark (10,561 ft)
Route: South slopes from Alta

Since the "Superloop" hike 2 weeks ago, Andrea and I have both continued to battle our foot injuries. Mine has made significant progress; Andrea's not so much. We still wanted to get up Little Cottonwood to check out the progress of the fall foilage, so yesterday (after sleeping in AND running) we did a short hike up to Flagstaff Mountain from Alta. This was a super-easy hike, but absolutely worth it because the fall colors and really starting to come into form! The weather was spectacular, and that is something I am consistently loving about this time of year in SLC compared to the Vail area: its 20 degrees warmer!!!

I think we'll officially be in the "shoulder season" soon, that time of year between the end of warm-weather hiking and making the first powder turns. So that means lots of running, to get ready for earning those turns... AND we're getting a foster puppy tomorrow, so the dog will probably be dominating this blog for the next month or so!

Yellow Aspens... the Wasatch colors haven't even peaked yet

On Flagstaff Mountain, with the Unicorn Tanktop

The ridge from Flagstaff to Reed & Benson

Andrea with Twin Peaks behind her... some snow up there

Mt Superior

In a few months this will be some super-fun ski terrain

A few more pictures of the fall colors...

I like this sign near the trailhead

The route from Alta

Ahhh... an easy day!

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