December 26, 2010

Christmas Weekend Pictures

Christmas Day 2010. How can you beat this???

The "Pineapple Express" storm event dropped nearly TEN FEET of snow in the Wasatch, and then the skies cleared just as my parents arrived in Salt Lake for the holiday weekend. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were two of the most amazing days I have ever spent in the mountains... beautiful scenery, sunny, bright blue skies, and warm air temperatures (we're talking T-Shirt weather at 9-10 thousand feet!). On Friday, I took my parents up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and we snowshoed up to the USA Bowl ridge line. On Saturday, we started at Alta and went up to Twin Lakes Pass. I took my skis and shredded a few laps while my parents watched.

I have separate Picasa galleries for each day: Christmas Eve (56 pics (I got a little picture-happy since the sun had barely been out in 2 weeks)) - Christmas Day (25 pics). Lots of great pics in those galleries. I included a few below, but there are lots of other really good ones.

Looking back North towards Solitude

Mom & Dad taking in the views

Looking West, down Big Cottonwood Canyon

Mom & Dad on the ridge. It was pretty much HOT outside in the sun, so we hung out up here for a while.

Looking towards Scott Hill / Pass

Silver Fork

Great way to spend Christmas Eve with my parents!

Heading down through our trench

Jesse James, the best family dog ever, is enjoying being back in snow country this week

Mt Superior, Christmas Day 2010. Views like this beat any and all presents.

Mom & Dad hiking up towards Albion Basin

The final stretch up to Twin Lakes Pass

A fantastic Christmas Day!!!

Little Cottonwood Canyon. Hard to believe I live 20 minutes from here. What an amazing area!

About to drop into Grizzly Gulch and make some Christmas ski turns!

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