January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2011! The windchill was about -30 this morning in the mountains, so we decided to wait to kick off our 2011 skiing tomorrow! Instead we did a long run and I started jotting down my "resolutions" for the year...

2011 Goals:
  • Run 5,000 miles
  • Climb 200,000 vertical feet
  • 25,000 perfect pushups / 8,000 perfect pullups
  • Explore (ski mountaineering) lesser traveled mountain ranges in Utah
  • Take advantage of Wyoming (Tetons / Wind Rivers) being only a few hours away
  • Big trip to climb and ski the Cascades Volcanoes
  • Run a marathon and ultramarathon
  • PR at a shorter distance (half-marathon or under)
I've probably come close, but I don't know if I've ever run 5K miles in a calendar year. It takes staying motivated, very consistent (~14 miles / day, if you don't miss a single day), and injury-free. For races, the plan right now is a 15 mile trail race in Arizona in February, a 50K in Utah at the end of March, and then a early-summer marathon right before we make our big trip to NorCal/Oregon/Washington.

Last year's total hiking/climbing vertical was 283,300 feet (171,200 for Andrea... pretty impressive considering she spent almost half the year in Tennessee!). Setting a goal of 200K seems kind of low, but about 63K of last year's total came from dawn patrols on Vail mountain, something I'm not doing this winter. Hopefully we'll do a ton of Wasatch classics, and explore the amazing "4 hour radius" around SLC a little bit more.

I'll post an update on April 1st for accountability! :-)

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