January 2, 2011

First turns of 2011

Looking north at the Cottonwood Ridge from White Pine Canyon

We did out first ski tour of 2011 in what has become one of our favorite areas, upper White Pine Canyon. Its been super cold lately, so we got a later start and the sun actually warmed things up a bit in the late morning, which made for a pleasant ascent. We topped out a bit short of Red Baldy's summit, and skied some perfect powder all the way back down (freezing temps = cold smoke powder). A short but sweet day!

More pictures here on my picasa site.

Andrea got me a sweet new GPS for Christmas... which means I get to keep track of lots more statistics! :-) This is an overview of our route (Red = up, Green = down).

The Triple Traverse and Tanners slide path

The upper meadow

Beautiful day

Breaking a trail

The Pfeifferhorn peaking out

The skiing was good...

... really, really good

On the way out, trying out the stickpic (which I highly recommend!)


  1. Absolutely beautiful. We are heading to the mountains soon, I can't wait.

  2. Where will you be heading, Ewa?