September 21, 2011

Delicate Arch and the Fiery Furnace

Delicate Arch

On Day 2 of our Moab trip (see day 1 photos here) we went back to Arches National Park. We hiked out to Delicate Arch, which is probably the most popular hike in the park, but well worth it because that area is just so awesome. After lunch, we went on a ranger-guided tour of the Fiery Furnace, which is a huge maze of little slot canyons with no marked trails. It was really cool and once again we all had a great day!

Arches visitors center

We didn't see any real bighorn sheep, so these guys stood in for photos

Hiking out to Delicate Arch

Its a lot bigger than it looks from a distance

Some petroglyphs along the hike. Looks like the Indians were riding llamas to chase bighorn sheep?

Start of the Fiery Furnace hike

Fiery Furnace... easy to see why they don't let everyone go in here... you can get lost really easily

I swear this rock was about to fall on us and crush us!

Squeezing through a little crack

We finished the tour in this "room"

Part 3 of the Moab trip coming tomorrow...


  1. More people need to casually wear tiny shorts . . . even guys. Kudos to the both of you for rocking yours (I actually own the same kind that I wore this morning). Ha.

  2. Right on dude! My reasoning is that the only thing I use pockets for is to fill them up w/ candy, so I'm better off just rocking the shorty shorts and being comfortable!