September 22, 2011

Fisher Towers and Onion Creek

Fisher Towers

On our third day in Moab (see Day 1 and Day 2) we headed east on 128 and checked out some other cool areas along the Colorado River. First we did a hike out in the Fisher Towers area. After lunch, we went a few miles down the Onion Creek road (crossing the creek about a dozen times in my jeep) and went for a cool hike through the "Onion Creek Narrows." On the way out we attempted to keep our shoes dry, but on the return Andrea just decided to walk directly in the creek, so naturally I followed her lead on that one! 

After the hikes Andrea and I made the drive back to SLC and got back to doing things like 6 x 1 mile, while Andrea's parents stayed down in Moab for a few more days and checked out Canyonlands National Park.

The White Wolf hit 100,000 miles at this exact spot (Fisher Towers trailhead)

Team North hiking

Rock climbers doing their thing on Stolen Chimney

The scale of this place was ridiculous!

After leaving Fisher Towers, we headed to Onion Creek...

Jeeping on the Onion Creek road

Heading into the narrows

It was tough to get good pictures in here, but you get the idea... super cool area!

Wet feet!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip. Great pictures.

    Also, thanks for posting about your training. It's super motivating to read about your workouts.

    Random question: Do you two drink coffee or alcohol at all? Or, is ice cream the primary vice? I was just curious about your thoughts on training and imbibing.


  2. J - no coffee, no booze! We don't have anything against it... coffee just tastes gross (I prefer Diet Mtn Dew as my caffeine source, although I have been cutting back recently).

    And in terms of alcohol... there's just no point. Again, it doesn't taste that good and if I'm gonna have empty calories, I'd rather use them on something I enjoy (like ice cream!). Our lifestyle (ie. going to sleep at 830 ever night) makes it easy to not drink! :-)

    That being said, there's nothing wrong with coffee or alcohol. Lots of great runners drink both... I think the key is just timing and moderation.

  3. The Moab half-marathon that goes along the river road past Fisher Towers has a gorgeous route! It starts at Dewey Bridge and finishes at Sorrel River Ranch...check it out for kicks sometime :)

  4. That seems like an awesome course. We'll have to try to get that one on our schedule, maybe for next year... always nice to have an excuse to go to Moab for a weekend :-)