March 4, 2012

A relaxing weekend in fake Switzerland

Timp is the most impressive mountain in Utah (in our opinion)
After a quad-pounding Emigration Canyon long run on Saturday, Andrea and I headed up to Midway, UT for some relaxation and hot tubbing at the Zermatt Resort. Thank goodness for group coupon websites making these kinds of little stay-cations affordable.

Midway is a really cool little retro-European style town, and the Zermatt resort is like fake Switzerland. As someone who lived in the ultimate fake-Europe town for 2 years (Vail), it was like going home! :-)

We mainly just relaxed and like I said, spent as much time in the hot tub as possible. I need a hot tub at home.

After going for a nice loop run around the town on Sunday morning, we headed over the Soldier Hollow (home of the 2002 winter olympic XC skiing facilities) to do some snow tubing. A fun, low-key winter sports alternative when avalanche danger for skiing is through the roof (as it is today).

Next weekend I am heading to Arizona to race the Bandidos 15K, and Andrea is likely headed to Brazil soon for work, so it was nice to get some R&R close to home before we start jet-setting again.

Classy Diet Dew
Napping at every opportunity
I need one of these at home
Hot tub / snow angel challenge
The indoor hot tub
Zermatt Resort

Brunch? Sure why not!
Mt Timp, viewed from Midway on the road to Soldier Hollow

We had a picnic on the astroturf fields in Park City and talked about how we need to convince
some rich people to let us spend the summer at their house in Park City


  1. Awesome pictures! I think I'm driving to Midway soon for the 29 cent fro-yo. :)

  2. Fantastic selection of toppings as well - potentially better than the Sugar House TCBY and Holladay Top-It. Not that I know anything about all of these fro-yo establishments :-)