March 11, 2013

Bluebird = Sunburn

March 10, 2013 - Mt Superior from the Alta summer road

Yesterday was our first day on skis in 2013. We skied once in December, but it aggravated Andrea's injuries a little too much, so we just decided to wait until spring and start getting into the mountains once she felt better and the Phoenix Marathon was behind me. A mellow tour in the Twin Lakes Pass area was our season opener... it took a couple turns to get our legs back under us, but it was so much fun. As much as I absolutely love running, there is no more graceful way to move through the mountains than on skis.

Our plan is to ski as much as possible until the snow melts! Unfortunately the snowpack in the Wasatch is wimpy again this year, but hopefully we'll have 2+ more months of good conditions.

And of course, I managed to sunburn my face... as if I haven't lived out west at high-altitude for 5 years...

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