March 26, 2013

Jake's Spring Schedule

I've known what the two big races on my spring schedule would be for months, but wanted to wait until after the Phoenix Marathon before making any travel plans, etc. Since Phoenix, I've taken a nice recovery period to let some of my little nagging injuries go away. I kept my running to a minimum for ~10 days (including several days off) and then started gradually incorporating some strides and short hills sprints. Last week I threw in a couple light fartlek efforts to make sure all systems are ready to get rolling again. After a good long run with the last 8 miles at marathon pace over the weekend, and another solid 10 mile tempo run today, I feel like my legs are definitely ready to get cranking again.

My target races will be the USA 25K Championship (May 11, Grand Rapids MI) and the USA Half Marathon Championship (June 22, Duluth MN). Leading up to the 25K and in-between the two championship races, I'm planning to run a handful of local events, including the SLC Half Marathon, Holladay Mile, and Utah Valley Half Marathon. I might also jump into a couple college track meets and run some 5Ks if possible.

It will be a busy spring racing schedule, but I have a good plan of how to break it up into two parts (25K Champs buildup, short break, HM Champs buildup). And having a one-mile race and a few 5Ks in the mix will force me to quit neglecting my speed!

Also on tap for the rest of this spring - ski as much as possible before the snow melts!!!

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  1. Good luck in Grand Rapids! I grew up not far from there. Ran the Riverbank Run in 2008 and really enjoyed it