July 20, 2013

Draper Days 5K

Start of the 2013 Draper Days 5K

Today was the Draper Days 5K, one of the more competitive short races in Utah since its a part of the USATF-Utah road racing circuit. Winning it almost always takes a sub-15 minute effort, which isn't necessarily easy at altitude on a course with a decent hill in the last mile.

Andrea and I BOTH ran this morning - its been a while since we both ran in the same race. She wasn't necessarily going all-out, just using it as part of her transition back into running post-surgery. For me, it was my best 5K so far this year, although I still have some work to do. I ended up running 15:09 for 4th place, which tied my "altitude 5K PR."

You can check out both of our race reports on Fast Running Blog:  Jake's Recap - Andrea's Recap

Great to see Andrea back out on the roads... the comeback is ON!
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