June 27, 2014

Summer and Fall Plans

My last training / racing update was the lackluster end to the spring campaign. After a few weeks of mainly just run-commuting to/from work, I'm not quite ready to dive into training, but I'm starting to lay a mileage foundation and think about it again. I'll take a couple more easier weeks and then begin incorporating the early phase workouts in mid-July. I'm not going to try and jump the gun and rush my fitness - I think it's important to time a marathon buildup so you are hitting the race while still on an upward trajectory, instead of being in great shape but feeling like you are just hanging on.

If I feel like I'm starting to get in shape by the beginning of August and have confidence that I'm headed in the right direction, I'll stick with my original plan to run the Chicago Marathon. It's the most competitive (deepest) fall marathon at my level, and the course is ideal.

If for some reason I can't get myself going in time, the TOU / CIM double I did last Fall would be the backup plan. I love the TOU Marathon, but I don't see how I could squeeze it into "Plan A" with Chicago only 22 days later.

I'm not really planning on any target half-marathons for this summer and fall. I'll probably do a couple local races on the USATF-Utah road racing circuit (TOU 1/2 is always a favorite and this would be my 4th summer in a row running that race).

Saucony has me stocked up for logging some big summer miles...

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