November 11, 2014

Everywhere you look, there is something awesome! (Another weekend in the San Rafael Swell)

Temple Mountain in the twilight

Two weeks ago we spent a weekend camping at the wedge area of the San Rafael Swell (photos, more photos). We had such a good time that we had to make another desert camping trip before it got too cold. This time we ventured a bit further south and camped near the intersection of the Temple Mountain Road and Behind the Reef road, just 10-15 minutes away from Goblin Valley State Park.

We really have fallen in love with this area of Utah. I think we'll be spending a lot more time down here in 2015.

Sometimes we debate (usually on Thursdays) whether it's worth getting in the car and driving for a few hours on Friday afternoons. The answer is always yes!

On the way home, as we were talking about the hikes we did and admiring the landscapes, Andrea said - Everywhere you look, there is something awesome! I think that is very true of the San Rafael Swell region... and it's a heck of a way to view life in general. Sometimes the awesome things are really obvious, and sometimes you have to search for them... but they are almost always there.

Lots of photos from the weekend...

Our campsite near Temple Mountain

Nights were cold - so we needed lots of fire

Running on the Temple Mountain Road. I'm down there, barely visible.

Andrea and Amiee heading into Crack Canyon

There are so many cool hikes like this one in the swell

Roo had fun exploring

Running on the Behind the Reef road

Andrea biking along... she obviously takes all the running photos, so I stopped for a second and took a picture of her for once.

Mining ruins from the days of Uranium prospecting

The girls (and Roo) approaching Ding Canyon

The yellow rocks in this area really stand out

This little guy crushes slot canyons

Sometimes... you just have to jump

Roo getting some help from Andrea and I

The textures and colors in these canyons are really hard to capture on camera


  1. If you guys come down my way again let me know. There is this massive hidden arch in one of the canyons I'll take you to :) 'Everywhere you look, there is something awesome!' - love that.

    1. That's so cool. We will definitely take you up on that offer!!

  2. great pics and adventure, I've never been to goblin valley, I am definitely taking the family down there to camp and do some hiking next year. I still hope I can join you guys for some slot canyons sometime. I have been route planning and reading books and am excited to get out and do some fun canyons next spring!