November 30, 2014

Still ticking... Thanksgiving in Connecticut

Family turnout for the Commodore Hull Road Race

It dawned on me over Thanksgiving that I haven't posted anything about running here since Chicago. At that time, I was planning on running CIM... but the hamstring that was bothering me leading up to and during Chicago didn't bounce back quick enough, and I decided to just jog my way through November. I posted some of my thoughts on my training log on November 3rd. Essentially I've just been run-commuting (my forte!) and enjoying the relaxed and no-pressure running. I'll start ramping it back up soon, and will post something about my spring 2015 plans shortly.

We had an excellent Thanksgiving back east in Connecticut, highlighted by a nice family turnout at the Commodore Hull Road Race, bingo, hot tubbing, Christmas sweaters, and plenty of good food / wine.

With my parents and cousin Andy at the Turkey Trot

Running (slowly) with flowier hair

Drone view of the Commodore Hull Road Race

Ammunition for an excellent multiday Thanksgiving celebration

Andrea and I

Krong family

A white, snowy Thanksgiving in Connecticut this year

Grandma is partially proud of us, and partially scared of us

We spent a lot of time in the new hot tub


  1. Replies
    1. She's doing alright. I'm guessing she'll do another recovery update shortly.

  2. What fun pictures! The whole package of a holiday weekend! Races, family, um, WINE! and holiday sweaters! This picture of you all in your sweaters with your grandma is hilarious...made me laugh.