December 22, 2014

Early season SkiMo

The early season snowpack in the Wasatch is thin (Dec 17 Snotel)Thin is good in running... not so much for skiing! We're not alone - the entire West is hurting so far (although several feet of wet, heavy snow is coming down as I type this, so hopefully I'm not jinxing a reversal of our fortunes).

So while we haven't been skiing any deep powder, Andrea and I have been out a few times with the local SkiMo crowd - Tuesday night races at Brighton and Sundance's Alpe D'Vert. These have been a fun way to log some vertical and start getting our legs under us for when the backcountry season really ramps up.

I keep saying I'm not getting into SkiMo racing... We'll see how long that statement lasts :-)

Alpe D'Vert at Sundance

Andrea and Amiee after Alpe D'Vert

A little ski tour on December 14th... searching for winter

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  1. awesome pics!! our snow's not been great this year :(