January 4, 2015

New Snowpack for a New Year

View from Mt. Wire on New Year's Day

In my last post before Christmas (oh by the way - Merry Christmas!) I commented on the lack of snow throughout the mountain west. Andrea and I proceeded to head back east to visit family for a week, and it snowed 70 inches in 7 days. Of course! We were a little jealous scrolling through our Instagram feeds, but it was great to see our families, and at least the Wasatch now has a solid base of snow. While we're in the midst of another high pressure system, at least we can get out on our skis and not worry about rocks.

Our friend Kevin was visiting over New Year's, so I got out for a couple good runs with him, and we hiked up Mt Wire on New Year's Day. Andrea and I finally got back out on our skis today.

I still need to do a running update. I've been logging about 90 miles/week for the past couple months (Daily logs: November - December) and have started incorporating some workouts. As I mentioned in my post on Jan 1st, I'm sort of just going with the flow for January and February. I have a training plan, but I'm being very flexible with it. More on that and potential races soon.

Some pictures from the past week...

What a difference a week can make!

Kevin and I hiking down Mt. Wire

Andrea, Kevin, and I on New Year's Day

Looking across the canyon from the Pink Pine ridge on January 4th

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