January 13, 2015

Tuesday Night Especial

Andrea heading towards Twin Lakes Pass

21 inches of snow in 24 hours! We couldn't just call in sick, but luckily our jobs are flexible enough at times to allow an early departure on certain occassions. Today was one of those special afternoons... we had just enough time to get up to Alta and ski a few amazing laps off the north side of Twin Lakes Pass before the sun went down. We started skinning at 3:45pm, and an hour later were laughing and smiling and slaying some pow. We returned to the jeep just as it was getting dark. What an afternoon!

These are the days when it's hard to beat Utah.

Photos... I don't have time for captions :-)


  1. Seeing pics of friends skiing this fresh snowfall is making me incredibly envious. Great pics! Take me with you next time.

  2. You aren't on strava are you? I was curious to see where exactly you ventured

    1. Not on Strava. Grizzly Gulch / Twin Lakes Pass is just East of Alta ski area... lots of nice terrain for a quick tour up there.