February 16, 2015

Remember when it used to snow during the winter?

This infographic from the NWS is already outdated. We'll likely stretch this out to well over 50 days before anything changes. 

This morning I went back and looked at our blog's archives from Feb/Mar/Apr 2011. Holy hell, it snowed a lot that season! Every post had a sentence like "it snowed another 3-4 feet this week so..."

This winter has been dry and warm. Great for running (I've been running on soft surfaces all winter, and there's been no inversion this year either), not so great for slaying powder. Alta has only received 171" of snow so far this winter (average is 500").

Some recent posts from my favorite weather blogs put that in perspective...

Wasatch Weather Weenies: Alta vs Boston

Wasatch Snow Forecast talking about the outlook for a "Miracle March":
"...this pattern change will happen because if it doesn’t, Mother Nature is going to have to face the wrath of the entire ski/snowboard community of western North America!"

We're not going to let the lack of fresh snow keep us from being out in the mountains. There is always something awesome if you get out there and find it.

Evening skinning at Brighton

Timp at dusk

Searching for a Valentine's picnic spot...

Found it!

And at least there is low avalanche danger :-)
(which is great if you love bulletproof snow/ice and survival skiing)

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