March 20, 2015

Viajamos a México! (Puerto Morelos)

Every winter, at some point, we say that we should go somewhere warm and tropical for a week. We finally did it - at the end of the warmest winter in Utah history. We definitely didn't miss out on any great skiing while we were gone.

Last week we flew down to Cancun, rented a car, then drive south to Puerto Morelos. We stayed at a friend's house there for half the week, then went further south to Tulum for the remainder of the week.

I'll break up the blog recap into multiple posts, starting with our days in Puerto Morelos. We stayed at a beautiful house on the beach there and had a good time snorkeling, zip-lining, cenote-swimming, and relaxing.

Our view for the first couple days 

Puerto Morelos

 On the snorkeling boat

The coral reef is just offshore

 Puerto Morelos is a fishing town

The bedroom balcony view

Into the cenote at Selvatica

Andrea did this about 8 times! (video)

We don't have any pictures of the zip lines (no cameras allowed), but here we are ready to go

More relaxing at the house

Sunrise over the Caribbean Sea

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