March 4, 2015

Powder Wednesday!

Our best ski day of the winter until today was a Tuesday afternoon in January. Despite the fact that we are having one of the driest winters in history, the weather has been turning the corner recently. It actually snowed in the valley this week for the first time in forever, and we've had some nice touring days in Silver Fork over the past week (Feb 22, March 1) with soft snow and cooler temperatures. It's been a pleasant shift that gives us hope winter still exists!

March and April are often our favorite months for skiing. Nothing beats Spring powder days. We got our first (of hopefully many!) today. Andrea and I were both able to arrange leaving work early and took advantage of the 1-2 feet that came down in the upper Cottonwoods before it was destroyed by the sun.

The stoke-meter was very high today. Lots of smiles, lots of fun. Floating through deep powder turns in hero-quality snow is a religious experience. It's good for the soul.

Up, up, up...



1 comment:

  1. This. Is. Awesome! We got some super hero snow last weekend at Taos Ski Valley and I agree, it is a religious experience and SO good for the soul! Love your photos, look at those lines!