November 4, 2015

Zion (still no "s"!)

My sister (Jenna) and Andrea's parents were both out in Utah for a long weekend over Halloween. Somehow Andrea and I haven't been to Zion/Bryce in 3 years, Jenna has never been there, and its been ~15 years for the Norths. So we headed to Springdale for a couple days to soak in some sunshine down in Zion National Park.

What's the quickest way to know whether someone is from Utah or not? For some reason that I can't figure out, Utahns incorrectly add a "S" to the end of "Zion". This has become my biggest pet peeve. And yes, I realize I have a really great life if the incorrect pronunciation of Zion National Park is among my "problems." But still, that would be like referring to the Grand Canyon as "Grands" for short. It doesn't make sense... ahhhhh!!! :-)

In any case, I love showing people to immense Utah landscapes for the first time. Angel's Landing, no matter how many times you go up there, is stunning. We saw over a dozen bighorn sheet near the tunnel on the east side of the park, which was also really cool.


Photobombing Andrea

Mt Carmel Junction doesn't have much, but it has this!

From here we headed over to the Bryce Canyon Fantasyland.

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