October 16, 2015

The new normal?

Mid-October, late afternoon, 9500 feet - still warm enough to go topless

We've only lived in Utah for five years, so maybe I'm not drawing on enough data to make this statement, but it sure feels like every Fall gets warmer and longer. Maybe this is the new normal for our climate? As long as it snows (a lot) eventually, we love the "extended summer" season. In an ideal world, it would be 80 degrees every day until Thanksgiving, then snow 10 feet in a week while we're back East visiting family (to setup a base), then we can ski until the following summer after a 700" winter/spring. Fingers crossed! :-)

The start of the climb to Mt Superior. We did this again, but can't post the pictures for a while... you'll see why.

A warm October evening at Alta

Glenwild Loop - Mountain Biking in Park City

Fall colors still hanging around near Guardsman Pass

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