October 5, 2015

Temple Mountain, Stairway to Heaven, Ding, and Dang

Temple Mountain from our campsite

Last Fall we "discovered" the Temple Mountain Road near Goblin Valley. We fell in love with the camping, dirt roads, abundance of fun slot canyons... the list goes on and on.

We were itching for another weekend in the desert after that somewhat memorable trip to Dead Horse, so it was a no-brainer to head back down to the San Rafael Swell for a couple days of fun.

We had an excellent weekend - 3 runs on the Temple Mountain Road (a rave run if there ever was one), a canyoneering trip down Stairway to Heaven Canyon, a non-technical but skin abrading hike/scramble through Ding and Ding Canyons, a pair of relaxing nights by the campfire, and perfect weather. 

When can we head south again?


Car camping can be tough! :-)

Stairway to Heaven Canyon

Running in the Temple Mountain area

Ding / Dang Canyons

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