February 21, 2016

Where'd you go, El Nino?

Andrea admiring the blue skies, big mountains, and clean air down in the Salt Lake valley!

Where the heck is El Nino hiding? It has been DRY the last couple weeks... but the inversion/smog in SLC that stuck around for the middle of the month finally broke, and up high in the mountains, life is always good... even if the snow conditions are variable.

We'll take the high pressure and spring-like weather for now... and hope for winter to return in full force during March!

Tuesday Feb 16th - Sunset at Brighton

Saturday February 20th

Our friend Jen was in town for a day and she had never skied out west before, so we gave her the VIP package: a day of lift skiing at Alta Ski Area, followed by some hot tubbing at the Peruvian Lodge and dinner at Wasatch Brew Pub. 

Mt Superior and the Alta Peruvian Lodge.

Sunday February 21

We knew the backcountry skiing conditions wouldn't be ideal, given the high winds earlier in the week and sunshine yesterday, but we still wanted an adventure day in the alpine. Andrea and I headed to upper White Pine Canyon and skied Red Baldy and Red Stack. It ended up being a fairly great day - the big views totally made up for the windboard, slush, and ice snow!

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