December 18, 2016

And we're back - December Powder Skiing!

Andrea and I were out skiing today and we ran into a couple who said they recognized us from our blog. Our immediate reaction was - oh jeez, we haven't updated the blog in months! Time to get going again...

Ski season is off to a GREAT start. I think it had snowed about two inches by Thanksgiving, but the hose finally turned on, storms started rolling in, and the mid/high elevation snowpacks built up fairly quick. A couple atmospheric rivers later, and this has been the best December we can remember. Fortunately for weekend warriors, the storms have lined up nicely for three straight weeks of Saturday/Sunday powder skiing. It doesn't get much better than that!

Early-season photos from the past couple weekends...


  1. I echo Swapna's comments above to the letter.

    But we also love your blog! Glad to inspire a post

    1. Ha I didn't even notice the spam post :-)
      Nice meeting you out there. Hope you got some soft fluffy turns!