January 2, 2017

Dropping into 2017

Andrea dropping to Bonkers above Broads Fork on New Year's Eve. I thought this would be my favorite photo of the weekend, but then January 2nd happened. You'll see when you scroll down to the bottom.

We love four day weekends. After a stretch of fantastic early season weekends, we were out of town and missed the big Christmas storm. But then we totally redeemed ourselves as the calendar turned over from 2016 to 2017. It took a little extra work (and some bushwacking at times) but we were able to ski untouched powder on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, despite the fact that it hadn't snowed since Christmas. It felt so good to get up above the inversion/smog on those days as well.

Then today (Monday) another storm system came into town and things really got going... one of those dream powder days! Bottomless turns. And the best part is - there are lots more in the forecast!

Four great days in the Wasatch. We are tired!!!

Friday December 30
Silver Fork

Saturday December 31
Broads Fork (Bonkers)

Smog down in the valley

All blue skies up high

Sunday January 1

Get those hands down, Andrea!

Much better!

Monday January 2
Mill D North (Short Swing, Powder Park, Tom's Hill)

Photo of the Weekend

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