February 5, 2017

A perfect refresher for the weekend crowd

Silver Fork Meadows - February 4th

Man, this winter just won't quit! We are so happy/stoked/tired right now. After 6 days of no snow (and a whole week of going to work without dawn patrolling first), the Cottonwoods pulled in a little magic and we got 8-10" on Friday - just enough to completely refresh the canvas for the weekend warriors. We ended up with two huge days of soft turns and untracked lines. It was a GREAT weekend for skiing!

Saturday February 4

Silver Fork Meadows. The sun came out periodically and it was a downright brilliant day. We skied 7 laps, which is definitely our Meadows record.

Our tracks before more people showed up and wrecked what we were trying to do :-)

Sunday February 5

We've been having some excellent sundays at the Church of Days Fork lately so we headed back up there - starting from Spruces instead of LCC to avoid a south-facing run at the end of the day. Once again we had an entire zone pretty much to ourselves, skiing Days Draw four times. It was FANTASTIC powder. Really soft, no crust, boot deep... just awesome. The weather was great again - intermittent sunshine and relatively warm out.

And now we have another big storm on the way!

We followed this animal for miles :-)

And a quick reminder of January so we don't forget that it was the GREATEST JANUARY EVER!!!

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