February 13, 2017

A wild week capped with a Cardiac Attack

Andrea after our 6th run off Cardiac Ridge on Sunday. She didn't know yet that I was planning a couple more laps :-)

What a wild week! Spring temperatures all week, rain up to 9000' on Friday... it wasn't looking good for the weekend. We needed a solid 1-2 feet to reset the backcountry... but OF COURSE that's exactly what we got on Friday night, and right-side up, because that's how this winter is rolling! 

Thursday and Friday - February 9-10

Lift skiing at Deer Valley during the midday break at the ILTS Immunosuppression conference. It was warm and slushy on Thursday, and then wet (raining!!!) on Friday. Not ideal conditions by any means, but good to get in some reps on somewhat difficult snow conditions.

Fortunately the rain turned to snow on Friday night...


Saturday February 11

Back in business! Andrea had Bioventures so we were out early for dawn patrol before she had to head back down to the valley. LCC was closed for avy control so we started in Mill D North (convenient for her to get in a couple laps quickly). Blower pow to start the morning! I stayed out all day and skied almost 13K - it was greenhousing at the lower elevations by the afternoon but I had no complaints.

First tracks in the Spruces parking lot

Sunday February 12

Andrea wanted to ski Cardiac Ridge and since it was so close to Valentine's Day - how could I say no to that request? :-) We lapped it all day, and it was absolute hero snow. Tight farming turns, faster big mountain turns... we did it all. One of the best days of the entire season and the snow was perfect and cold. I still can't even describe how much fun we had. We love that area of the Wasatch - a lot of people go there, but for good reason... its just amazing. Hard to stop taking pictures sometimes...

Dropping into the first run of the day.
I was glad Andrea yelled "sluff!" instead of "cornice!"

This place makes you feel small

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