April 25, 2018

February 2018 Recap: Winter Strikes Back

Greatest Snow on Earth, right back in your face!

February started off really warm. Our friend Matt came out to ski and ended up going down to Moab to ride bikes. Smart move. Luckily, on Matt's last day in SLC, we got about 8" of snow and if you picked the right spot (we did) it skied really well. Then the hose stayed on for a few weeks, and the snowpack started to build up. The bases of our skis appreciated that. We had some great powder days throughout the rest of February, and finally got out for some dawn patrols (which makes the work week infinitely better). Given the persistent weak layers in the snowpack, we mainly just stuck to areas we knew really well. 

Sunday February 25th was arguably the best skiing of the season. It didn't seem like everyone thought so, which makes me think that spacial variability was at play and we were in a highly favored micro-zone. 

President's Day powder frenzy in Mill D. I set the skintrack while lots of folks drafted... Andrea and I were still first off the top :-)

Feb 25th...

Only 7 days of skiing in February, but they were all very, very good.

March came in like a lion, and is coming up next...

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