May 24, 2018

Squeezing in a couple favorites

Over the May 19-20th weekend we got in a few more fun spring couloirs. I had to go to Las Vegas for work for a couple days so it was especially refreshing to get back on Saturday and find that the Pipeline Couloir smooth (no runnel), wide, and that continuous snow ran from the top all the way to the creekside parking area. Not bad given the low snow year. 

After we finished we took a look at Mt Superior and it seemed like the choke/waterfall on Suicide Chute wasn't too tricky. We went back to ski it the next day and the conditions we so fun that we did it twice.

Its really winding down now... I'm not finished yet but I'm starting the process of cleaning/storing gear for the summer. We're gone for Memorial Day so the first weekend of June will be the next (and probably last) chance to ski this spring.


Suicide Chute


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