January 2, 2019

A Long December

That was a long December (in the best way possible) and therefore this is a long December photo post!

The first weekend of the month was exactly the start to winter we dreamed about. Not just "good for early season" skiing, but legitimately good powder days!

Cold temps keep the snow in good condition.

On some mornings when the touring conditions weren't good, I've been doing some fitness laps up and down the Porter Fork road. This keeps me from running too much over the winter which will hopefully lead to healthier and faster running in 2019.

We had a little dry spell in the middle of the month but the nice thing about December is that without much sun, the snow stays soft...

LCC Dawn Patrols are so good for the soul...

Blue sky weekends are good for the soul, too...

We went to Tennessee for Christmas...

And then came back to another couple rounds of small storms that added up to great ski conditions. New Year's Eve was the best day of the season thus far.

Happy New Year!

I'm at 22 days of skiing through New Year's Day (despite not really starting until the weekend after Thanksgiving), which means I'm doing something right with my life.

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